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4 Responses to Workshop Reviews

  1. Treena Davidson says:

    I had not realised until I started the class how important creating a goddess was for me and how special the process of creation was until I started. The idea of working so closely with clay while partaking in amazing conversation and food can be tonic for the soul. And the goddess I have shows that day. As a person who has worked with clay it was also a way to learn lots of new techniques from a very talented teacher. Thank you Jean.

  2. Jo Sheffield says:


    What a priviledge to spend a wonderful weekend working with you. I left feeling a huge sense of achievement from watching the metamorphosis taking place under your superb guidance, as the clay transformed from a characterless slab into my beautiful goddess! The techniques you taught us were simple and hugely effective and for me mark the start of a series of statues I want to sculpt for our garden, but more importantly, a re-connection with my creative side and the beginning of another of life’s exciting adventures. Thank you, Thank you for your inspiration and sharing and I look forward to seeing you next time I’m in Wellington.


  3. Jean says:

    Kia Ora Sylvia, warm greetings to you and your Goddesses. The network of Goddess Makers is growing with every Workshop. At the last Workshop this idea developed: to add a blog to the website so we could continue to keep in touch and students could share comments, ideas and experience of the workshops which is very important for me as tutor, the best information for future students and I believe of interest to other students on the workshops.
    However the funny thing is that the idea built not around the above but- from what must be another most ancient tradition of women, the sharing of food and the willingness to share our most favorite recipes!!! yes indeed and they are going up on the recipe page. Jean x

  4. Sylvia Bagnall says:

    It’s lovely to see that your web page is so up to date, Jean. I came to see you today at Lindale to ask whether I could put something about you in the Women’s Studies Newsletter, but find you’re doing a workshop at your home so I’ll just use the website words, cheekily. I have lovely memories of the workshop Judith and I did, and the goddesses are still welcoming visitors among the rengarenga plants. It is great seeing photos from your travels and knowing that those very special goddesses are holding vigil in gardens around the globe!
    Arohanui, Sylvia

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