Dresden, Germany 2010

Tena Koe, welcome to the blog of New Zealand artist, Jean Kahui.

Visit the “Recipe Ideas” page for scrummy cooking ideas.

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5 Responses to Welcome

  1. jeankahui says:

    hey there Wendy and Rozi, great to hear from you both- well done Wendy! The weekend was a pleasure and all the goddess are sitting here with me looking happy and at peace.
    Im still working out how to move around in here so will post a recipe soon. jean.

    • Rozi says:

      Hey Jean,
      I posted the onion bread recipe the same time I did the blog entry, but it’s still not showing, should I try reposting?

      Jean nice to see you blogging :0) I hope you post your kalua slice/brownie recipe

      Rozi :o)

  2. Wendy Armstrong says:

    Hi Jean

    We had a great “Goddess” weekend with you. Looking forward to our next session with you and the gals.

  3. Rozi says:

    Kia ora Jean,
    Thought I would leave a hi on your blog. Looking forward to getting together with this weekends class to collect the goddess and celebrate the impending Christmas season. Thanks again all for a your fantastic energy :o)

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