About Jean

Jean specialises in ceramic sculpture, creating large voluptuous images of women.  A well known favourite being the Fire Goddess, pictured here.

You are invited to visit Jean’s website at www.jeankahui.net, where you will find information about the artist, upcoming exhibitions and classes,  a gallery of completed works and  works available for sale or commission.

Jean can be contacted directly through her website www.jeankahui.net and would appreciate your comments and enquires.


4 Responses to About Jean

  1. it’s still inconvenient if we want to download and listen to the songs on common MP3 players offline

  2. Annie Lava says:

    Kia Ora Jean, I just received your email saying u no longer do newsletters, and to visit your Blog if we still want info on upcoming workshops, which I do, please. What possibilities for rest 2011 and early 2012, please? Your work is sooooooo inspiring and uplifting food for the soul !!!
    Am waiting on improved health before I can do a workshop. Look forward to your reply. Many thanks. Annie

    • jean says:

      Tena Koe Annie, thank you for the great feedback, your comments in turn inspire me to continue making sculptures so are very appreciated! I have just started to build a sea goddess, she will be exhibited in the Waikanae Library for the first three weeks of September 2011, so do have a look if you are going to be in the area. About learn to sculpt classes, at the moment I’m offering weekend workshops with a maximum of four students per workshop. The workshops are organised as the students come forward, so when you are ready to attend a workshop just let me know. Wishing you a speedy recovery to health, Jean.

  3. jean says:

    kia ora koutou, why a blog you may ask? At the last few workshops lunch has been a great affair-as it often is- and recipes have been requested, as they often are. So after some thought we came up with the idea of adding a blog to my website where all interested could share recipes and keep in touch. I emailed my very own cyberelf and within the day…we have a blog!!
    So my ‘cheeky cheese scones’ will be posted soon. Post your favourites and feel free to request other recipes of yummy food shared at the lunches and of course let us all know how the recipes posted work for you. enjoy, jean.

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